Submission guidelines

1. Never include copyrighted images and/or files in your final product if you do not own a license for redistribution.
All third-party used assets must be properly licensed or free for commercial use.

2. Code must not be obfuscated or encrypted (html/css/scss/js/php)

3. Javascript code errors (console errors) are not allowed.

4. You may not add a custom/additional license to your item.

5. Design must display high aesthetic quality, visual appeal, and should be attractive enough to compete on our marketplace.

6. Design must not exceed the width of the screen at any common screen width.

7. Responsive design is required.

8. Item must not contain violent imagery, overly-sexualized imagery, or nudity.

9. Item must not contain racial slurs, hate speech, or otherwise inappropriate/offensive language.

10. Item name must be unique on our marketplace separated by a dash.
Example: Itemname - bootstrap html template

11. Item description must be written in Markdown syntax. HTML is escaped!
All images used in your item markdown description are downloaded to our CDN for a fast load - copyrighted images are not allowed in your item description!

12. Item image must be a real screenshot of your item homepage (730 x 456 px)

13. Live preview must contain any affiliate referral links and may not link to pages that contain such links.

14. Item documentation is highly recommended but not required if all components are exemplified in a dedicated section (like components/elements/shortcodes).

Last Update: April 18, 2019

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