Affiliate FAQ

How much I earn as an affiliate?
The barrier price is $12.
Meaning: you get 10% for all items over $12 and 5% for all items under $12.

What is the cookie lifetime?
Cookie lifetime for each affiliate is 180 days.
If a customer purchase any item in this period of time, you earn your affiliate percent.

How to I use my affiliate link?
When you start as an affiliate, you get your affiliate id looking like this: ?ref=10 (10 = will be your unique id)
You can use this ?ref=10 to any stepofweb url but we recommend to use on direct items you promote.

Where can I use my affiliate links?
You can use them anywhere as long as you do not spam people with it: social networks, your own website, email, etc.

Can I receive earnings from items that I purchase with my affiliate link?
No! You are not allowed to purchase items using your affiliate link or you'll be banned form affiliate program.

Last Update: April 18, 2019

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